An unique business listing service platform

Sokarat is an unique business listing service platform, it's all in one information platform for retail business with many CRM tools. It's a categorized search engine helping the mobile users to save time and money.

A marketplace is easy for the mobile users, no matter sell or buy. If you have any household items which you don't use for last two years, it may not be used again, you can post at no cost, sell it by taking some pictures, and post it, some people will buy it.

  • Many Powerful Tools for Small Retail Store

    Any small retail store can utilize multi-function tools to retain royalty customers, and look for new customers. Instead waiting for customer at store, now a store could guide potential customer to increase more business. Once a retail store register on this Sokarat platform, an interactive channel has created between store and mobile users. A store could announce current sales information on one to all method by text or email. Let your customer or other mobile users to view daily or weekly special sales information.

  • Know More About Retail Store

    Sokarat app is a one to all business information platform, a categorized search engine can help users to save time and money. A mobile user can compare the price before to visit particular store by a few clicks, it's an easy and convenience tool for people's daily life.

  • Classified Ad ,Make Waste Profitable

    The Classified Ad. Section is a personal marketplace for everyone. If you have any household items which you don't use for last two years, it's occupied you closet or garage, you probably will not use again. You can sell it by a few clicks, upload the picture, post it for sale, other people will buy it.

Merchant Benefits & Features

  • Classified Ad

  • Daily Sales

  • Gift Card

  • To Line Up

  • Membership

  • UPC Scan

  • Ecommerce industry

    Multi channel promotion and channel construction

  • Restaurant industry

    Perfect integrated marketing to provide solutions

  • Beauty industry

    Strategy of powder absorption, transformation and re purchase

  • Local service

    Powerful marketing function

  • SMS Marketing

    Get the latest shopping mall coupon

  • The Tourism Industry

    Comprehensive model of shopping mall Tourism

  • Hotel industry

    Comprehensively solve the marketing demand

  • Other industry

    Greater, faster, better and more economical results

Start to use it for free

A lot of user function is waiting for you to discover, discover, simply download IOS or Android mobile app, start to use it.