All solutions could help retail stores getting more business, managing existing customers, and looking for new customers. When a retail store register on Sokarat platform, an interactive channel with their customer is created, it will be a best communication channel in today's business world. A retail store could push their sales information by text or email. A spending reward system can retain customers coming back.

  • Classified Ad

    It's a marketplace for people to exchange their needs, not matter buy or sale. If you have any household items which you don't use for last two years, it's occupied you closet or garage, you probably will not use again. You can sell it by a few clicks, upload the pictures, post it for sale, other people will buy it.

  • Daily Sales

    It's specially for small retail store, to post daily sales information, let shoppers view the daily sales information before visit store. For example, whole store is 50% off today.

  • Gift Card

    Any small retail store can take advantage on electronic gift card tool, a business owner can easily issue their own gift card, and send detail information to recipient's mobile phone including sender's name and purpose of gift card.

  • To Line Up

    This tool can help a busy restaurants or bars to arrange serving table during the business hours. It could save the labor cost and other equipment for business owner, and it also can create a data base for business, it will be useful for future marketing purpose.

  • Membership

    This tool is for the retail store with membership services, a store owner can use QR code scanner to manage their customers.

  • Message Sending

    A retail store can send marketing information through an interactive channel to the store customer by text or email. A store owner can send out sales information by one to all method.

  • Online Sales

    For the small retail stores in food industry, Sokarat offers only 3.5% fees on total sales amount, at same time, the store owner can user other function as well.

  • Prepaid Card

    It's another way to increase the business revenue and retain royalty customers. After a customer buys a prepaid card, he/she will keep coming back with no headache.

  • Reservation

    A reservation tool is easy for the small retail stores, it could book an appointment by the store owner or the mobile App.

  • Reward

    It's an excellent sales tool to the retain royalty customers, it could use on spending or referral, when a customer referrals a friend, the store owner can issue referral reward to encourage the referral, let the customer become store's sales force. All reward detail will live update on mobile phone.

  • UPC Scan

    It's for the large retail store like: Mayc's, Home Depot, Bj's, Costco etc. It could link the store price data connection, scan the barcode, get real discount price. It will save a lot of labor for the retail stores, if it links payment system, it will change the large retail store's operation environment.

  • Weekly Circulation

    This is in expensive tool for the supermarkets, all weekly sales information will show on mobile user's hand, it can view any time and update information accordingly.

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