Get to know your customers

Do you know who your customers are?

Create the customer profiles automatically from the CRM tools.

Keep your list up to date.

Let the CRM tools to keep your customer's contact and marketing preferences current.

Meet your biggest fans

Get to know your best customers with profile photos and the Rewards tier.

Your customers deserve the best

Send text messages to members.

Create the powerful, customized, data-driven reward Message to the consumer's phone right in your system.

Help the Consumer Save Money.

Make the cuppons to your every customers —with a single tap.

Give Giftcard or Prepaycard to their Friend.

Customers can buy giftcard or prepaycard as a gift ,increase your friend-ship.

Ask and they will tell you

Get proactive feedback

Ask customers about their experience, right from their digital receipts.

Engage one on one

Have an open, sincere dialogue with your customers, outside the prying eyes of the Internet.

Show them respect

Follow through on customer's feedback and reap the rewards of trust and loyalty.

Classified Ad

This is a secondary marketplace, if you have anything in your garage or closet, wich you don't use for last two years, probability you won't user again. Take some pictures, post it by less than six clicks, someone will see and buy it. Anyone's trash, could be other's treasure.

Daily Sales

It's specialy for retail store, to post daily sales information, let shoppers view the daily sales information before visit the store, some like 50% off today.

Gift Card

The retail stores can take advantage on electronic gift card function, the business owner can easly generate gift card, and send information to reciever's mobile phone, it also show the sender's name and purpose of gift card.

To Line Up

Help a busy restaurant or bar to arrange table usage during the operation hours, it will save labor or other equipment for business owner; at same time, the business owner can create an interactive channel to their customers, and send business information in the future.


This function is for retail business with membership services, use QR code scaner to manage their customers.

Message Sending

It's an interactive channel to the store customers, if they are willing to receive sale information on the phone, the store owner can do one to all all by text or email.

Online Sales

For the small business with food industry, Sokarat only charges 3.5% on total charge, any restaurant can take this advantage to grow their revenue.

Prepaid Card

It's a deep discount tool on quantity bases to increase business revenue and retain the customers, after a customer buy a prepaid card, he/she will come back with no headache.


It can be easly to book a reservation by store owner or from mobile user App .


It's an excellent sales tool to retain the retail store customers, beside use it on spending, also, it can be a refferal reward to the customer, if a custotmer reffers his friend or relative to store, a refferal reward point will send to this customer, it will create more customers with the closed loop.

UPC Scan

It's for large retail store like: Mayc's, HomeDot, Costco, Bj's, a mobile user can scan the bar code any where in the store, save store opeation cost, it may be change the store operation envirnment, store can hire less sales assistant, using mobile pay to save the cost.

Weekly Circulation

This is an inexpensive tool for supermarkets, it can link with certine IP to show weekly sale on the sokarat App for all registed supermarkets.

A mobile user can have choice to see and compare any sale item before visiting store. Supermarket can save money on weekly circulation mailing.